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Who is Rekkles?

Carl Martin Larsson, better known as Rekkles, is an ADC player from Sweden. Considered by many as the best marksman in Europe, it may be more objective to assert he is the most consistent inside the region; for Rekkles has been competing for a decade amongst the very best, always displaying a high level in all departments of professional play.

The meticulous care of his appearance might lead some to presume Rekkles as an arrogant and boastful player, yet this has really little to do with what Rekkles seems to be: keyboard and mouse in hand, the Swede characterizes himself as a serious and calm player. Also, despite not being prone to handing orders, he often accepts those of his teammates, with whom he generally shows good collaboration skills.

Throughout his career Rekkles has earned four LEC titles (previously known as LCS), has been four times MVP of the season and has reached one world final; on top of this, Rekkles is also the player to have participated the highest amount of seasons in the LEC and is also the highest kill count player, being the first to reach the 2000 mark. His earnings from tournaments ascend to around half a million dollars.

Position and play style

Rekkles plays ADC in the bottom lane. His favorite champions are Vayne and Kennen, but amongst his best picks we also find Jhin, Tristana, Sivir or Ezreal.

Rekkles has mastered practically all marksmen in the game and feels comfortable with any of them; such skill allows him to perform his duties consistently patch after patch, although it is quite expected of him to deploy the most powerful champs in the active metagame.

However, there have been instances where Rekkles´s play style has received criticism due to being exceedingly passive, deemed at times as a competitor that prioritizes his KDA above all.

The truth is that Rekkles indeed gives a lot of importance to faming minions and dies less than the majority of professional players. Rekkles nevertheless participates in lots of plays; in fact, in 2014 he paired his kill record in the regular season with having the least amount of deaths.


The passion Rekkles got for competitive videogaming seems to have started at fourteen after a knee injury drove him away from the fields of Swedish football, where he was already quite the promising athlete.

In 2012, at fifteen years of age, Rekkles began standing out in competitive League and joined the roster of Playing Ducks. Other teams such as Team BLACK and SK Gaming relied on Rekkles as a substitute for some matches, allowing him to shine against other notable teams of the era. Fnatic did not take long in noticing him, and they signed him by the end of that same year.

At the time, Fnatic hiring Rekkles was seen as a future investment, since at his age he could not participate in the 2013 LCS. It is for those reasons that Fnatic decided to form an academy division team, Fnatic Beta, which barely endured for a couple of months before being transferred to the Copenhagen Wolves.

Handed over by Fnatic, during his stint with the Danish team Rekkles met up with players YoungBuck, Shook v2, cowTard, and Unlimited; Rekkles would later end up outshining all of them. With Copenhagen Rekkles won a few minor tournaments and even managed to qualify for the 2014 LCS.

Rekkles´s career inside the team he had just promoted, however, would not consolidate. Fnatic reclaimed the promising young star and the Swede returned to his contractor, this time starring as an A-teamer.

The first impressions inside Fnatic were positive. Alongside his colleagues Rekkles took Fnatic to the final of the IEM Season VIII, where they all fought against KT Rolster. In his first year at LCS, Rekkles stood above the rest of ADCs and got first place at the spring playoff and second place at the summer one. Unfortunately for him, Fnatic could not replicate its good performances when it came to the Worlds stage (the first Rekkles participated at); Fnatic thus got eliminated in the group phase.

After the disaster at Worlds four of the five players of Fnatic abandoned the team. Rekkles briefly signed for Alliance. The by then renamed roster of Elements did not function correctly and, after missing playoffs with a disappointing seventh place, Rekkles returned to Fnatic for the second split.

The choice revealed itself a right one, and Fnatic proved itself absolutely superior by finishing the season undefeated, with eighteen victories and zero losses.

The “dream team” formed by Huni, Reignover, Febiven, Rekkles and YellOwStaR advanced to Worlds semifinals in 2015, where they fell against South Korean organization KOO Tigers. The defeat plunged Fnatic into a new crisis due to the exodus of three players.

The 2016 season proved itself a hard one for Rekkles, who went from almost touching the gold medal at Worlds to not even managing to qualify for the next one. Bad results followed and Fnatic underperformed by getting stuck in the middle of the rankings; it was clear the team was in dire need of restructuring.

The arrival of sOAZ, Broxah and Caps became the breeze of fresh air that got the ball rolling again for Fnatic. After a somewhat unremarkable first season, the new roster entered as the third seed for Europe at the world championship; they reached quarter finals.

Bulgarian support player Hylissang later joined the roster. With the new addition Fnatic became the best team Europe had ever seen. In 2018 Fnatic ruled over the entire year, winning in spring and summer. This time the team reached the finals at Worlds, where it got trampled over by the Chinese team Invictus Gaming.

After the hard defeat, Fnatic saw itself progressively surpassed by Ocelote´s G2. After a few years losing to their new rivals, in 2020 Rekkles abandoned Fnatic to pursue his desired world title with the impressive roster G2 had assembled.

The march of Rekkles to G2 became the most talked about acquisition in the competitive history of the entire European region. Sadly, the title still evades Rekkles, and his commitment to G2 did not turn out to be a long-term one.

In a rather surprising move, on mid-November of 2021 Rekkles announced he had joined KarmineCorp, which meant that the ambitious ADC would play in France´s LFL rather than in the LEC.

Playing at the LFL with Karmine, Rekkles and his team would get a second place during the Spring split with a 66% win ratio. Still, the team would fall against LDL during playoffs, finishing third. Qualifying for the European Masters, Karmine would win the spring event.

Sadly for Rekkles, the team would not achieve much more during the next few months, getting a disappointing sixth place both during the Summer LFL and its playoffs.

Fun facts about Rekkles

  • Although of collected and calm demeanor, Rekkles does not shy away from showing emotion during the hard episodes of his competitive career.
  • When Rekkles was young his parents did not allow him to play until he finished every school assignment and extracurricular activity. It was due to this that Rekkles claims to not have felt uneasy about his professional prospects had his unusual career path not panned out the way it did.
  • Rekkles claims to enjoy reading.
  • When at Fnatic Rekkles released his very own clothing line.
NameCarl Martin “Rekkles” Erik Larssonn

Source: Twitter
BirthdateSeptember 7, 1996
BirthplaceÄlvängen, Municipality of Ale, Sweden
TeamsPlaying Ducks (2012)
Fnatic (2012)
Fnatic.Beta (2012-2013)
Copenhagen Wolves (2013)
Fnatic (2013-2014)
Alliance (2014-2015)
Elements (2015)
Fnatic (2015-2020)
G2 Esports (2020 – 2021)
Karmine Corp (2021-present)

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