Hall of fame

bwipo league of legends

Player profile: Bwipo

One of Europe´s best, Gabriel Rau, better known as Bwipo, is a professional League of Legends competitor

hylissang league of legends lol

Player profile: Hylissang

“Agressive” and “support” are not terms that always pair well in League of Legends, yet Hylissang proves they can work spectacularly together

rekkles league of legends

Player profile: Rekkles

Once a young League of Legends prodigy, we explore the story of Rekkles, the most consistent ADC player in all of Europe

perkz league of legends

Player profile: Perkz

The most laureated European League of Legends player, Perkz is an example of leadership both inside and outside Summoner´s Rift

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