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Who is ShowMaker?

Heo Su, better known as ShowMaker, is a South Korean League of Legends player in the mid lane role.

The apparent heir to Faker, ever since his debut he has competed for DAMWON KIA, and in a time span of less than four years ShowMaker has conquered almost every important championship that can be won in League of Legends; the only title evading him being an MSI trophy, which his team lost the chance to win in a 2021 final against RNG.

Thus far ShowMaker has earned more than a quarter million dollars from tournament play alone.

Position and play style

ShowMaker´s role in Summoner´s Rift is that of a mid laner. He plays every type of champion, although lately it has been his usual to deploy marksmen such as Lucian or Ezreal. In fact, on some occasions ShowMaker has been able to replace his teammate Ghost in the botlane, showing good results as an ADC as well.

Historically, ShowMaker´s most common champions in competitive play are Zoe, Syndra and LeBlanc; his better pick seems to be Twisted Fate, with whom he has been able to maintain extraordinarily high win rates.

Still, ShowMaker´s play style has seen itself changed with the passing of time as to adapt to that which the metagame required of him.

As ShowMaker himself claims, his in-game focus shifted from trying to become strong during lane phase so he could carry (a prevailing Solo-Queue behavior) to searching for opportunities to assist teammates and becoming strong alongside them; this change happened during 2019 Worlds after realizing it was the collaborative kind of style philosophy to which his rivals adhered to.

Right now ShowMaker enjoys rotating a lot in order to help his team; thus he attempts to be quite aggressive during lane phase, pressuring whenever he can and preying on the slightest positional slip to jump on his opponent.


ShowMaker did not really aspire to become a professional League of Legends player when he was called to ranks despite the good results he had attained when playing in the South Korean server.

Once the offer was made, however, ShowMaker did not hesitate for a single second and joined a recently formed DAMWON, team which was still fighting to reach the LCK with young promising players such as BeryL and Nuguri.

A year was more than enough for ShowMaker to take DAMWON to the highest professional league in South Korea. In 2018 he participated in the Challenger Series, competition which filters the best teams across the country in their journey towards the LCK, winning the final summer split, which directly qualified ShowMaker and his mates for the promotional tournament. They swiftly earned their first title and their rightful place inside the LCK.

Despite not playing the 2018 world championship, DAMWON´s roster played somewhat of a pivotal role due to practice scrimming with Fnatic, team which reached the finals. Previously unknown outside Korea, Rekkles was the man that first made DAMWON´s name familiar among fans in the West after assuring in an interview that they already were a strong team and they were poised to go far.

That very same year ShowMaker and his teammates were able to reach the semifinals of the KeSPA Cup, an in-between LCK season event which pits the very best teams from Korea. The LCK rookies were becoming quite the force and, after a slightly disappointing spring split, they managed to prove their worth by reaching a respectable third place in playoffs, entering the regional tournament which allowed the eventual champion to earn a spot for the world championship. ShowMaker and his team won said tournament, yet in Worlds they would fall in the quarter finals against G2 Esports.

After his defeat, ShowMaker declared that DAMWON would return in 2020 in order to exact revenge. But first the South Koreans would have to again make their way through the hardest league there was: their very own LCK.

The 2020 season started slowly for ShowMaker. The team did not seem to recover from its defeat at Worlds and ended fourth during the spring split. Should DAMWON´s players maintain such spot during summer they would be left out of the world championship they so much craved to come back to.

The chance for revenge against G2 in mind, DAMWON sealed an almost perfect 16-2 record in the summer split, cleanly winning the playoff. Snowmaker got his first LCK title and a tightly secured a Worlds spot. DAMWON was also the favorite to win the title.

On top of getting payback on G2 by beating them in the semifinals, ShowMaker proudly lifted his trophy due to playing a critical role in DAMWON´s victory against Suning, a Chinese team.

Reassured of his own worth, ShowMaker began 2021 by bulldozing his way through the KeSPA Cup and repeating his 16-2 feat which had seen him win the last LCK split.

Winning the spring split, DAMWON qualified itself for the Mid Season Invitational. ShowMaker had a solid tournament; without too much difficulty his team advanced to the final, where RNG defeated DAMWON in a close fifth game win where the Chinese finally managed to strangle the Koreans out of any winning chances.

ShowMaker continued showing good results during 2022. DAMWON got third and fourth places at the LCK, wining the regional finals 3-1 against LSB. Having secured a place at Worlds, DAMWON fell during the round of 16 against Gen.G.

Fun facts about ShowMaker

  • He has a huge following inside South Korea, but is also highly admired across the entire League community, something which makes his comparison with Faker much easier for western fans. Not all popular South Korean players are as well known as he is.
  • Popular K-Pop idol Sunmi is counted among his fans. The South Korean singer uploaded several photos with ShowMaker´s shirt to Instagram, where she herself has more than 7 million followers herself.
NameHeo “ShowMaker” Su

Source: Twitter
BirthdateJuly 22, 2000
BirthplaceSouth Korea
TeamsDAMWON KIA (2017-present)

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Player profile: ShowMaker

Faker´s heir apparent, ShowMaker is a young mid laner who has already left his own mark in competitive League of Legends