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Who is Caps?

Rasmus Borregaard Winther, better known as Caps, is a professional League of Legends player. He currently competes for G2 Esports as a midlaner, position in which he is considered as one of the very best in the European region.

Although a title that still resists him, Caps has already fought in two world championship finals. He also has a MSI title to his name (being named MVP) and six consecutive LEC titles (two with Fnatic and four with G2). Caps has earned more than half a million USD over more than 40 tournaments as a professional player.

Position and play style

Caps´ main role is that of a midlaner, although during the spring split of 2020 he changed positions with  his teammate Perkz and played as an ADC, showing good results. 

Caps is characterized by his ability to deploy a sizeable roster of champions which includes all sorts of archetypal play styles: tanks like Gallio, marksmen like Corki or Lucian, fighters like Irelia, mages Ryze or Zoe and burst assasins LeBlanc or Akali all do well under Caps´ command.

This distinct versatility oftentimes allows him to gain advantage by counterpicking against almost any champ he is paired up against; a good example being a famous occasion where, despite the wishes of a few of his teammates and trainer, he astonished them by locking a highly unusual Vayne mid against Misfits. Caps proved the decision correct when it became a key component in the victory Fnatic obtained.


His tendency of style is towards aggression, commonly looking for a solo kill in lane phase due to his mechanical superiority. 

His in-game attitude has vastly improved, although it was criticized in its early beginnings due to acquiring reputation as a somewhat toxic player. 

Caps has also been seen reacting with bitterness and rage, even punching his table after a bad play. Ever since his arrival at G2, however, such attitudes seem to have been left behind.



The story of Caps and videogames begins when he was just five years old, watching his older brother play in the computer. Caps followed the trail of his sibling, who also made a career in esports competing in Dota 2 under the alias “Ryze”.

By age ten Caps was playing in the League of Legends beta, and by age fourteen he had managed to achieve Challenger status, ranking among the top 100 players in the European server.

Thanks to the precedent set by his brother, the aspirations Caps had to become a progamer were not met with much resistance. Indeed, his father has become his biggest fan and his presence among the stands of any stadium Caps plays is expected.

Caps´ competitive career was kickstarted in 2015 when signing for Enigma Esports, a small team at which he came across two other players he would contend against in the LCS further down the road; these were top laner Alphari and jungler Memento.

In 2016 Caps passed through five different teams; among them Dark Passage, with whom he won the Turkish league. Bringing Fnatic´s attention, he would signed for them by the end of the year.

Caps arrived to a struggling Fnatic, with a roster that had been pushed out of Worlds and was going through a restructuring process that had almost entirely changed the team.

In his first year at the top competitive level, Caps took Fnatic to the quarterfinals of the world championship after qualifying it as the third seed from Europe.

By his second year at Fnatic, Caps was fully integrated into their ecosystem; he started standing out among the rest of his European mid laner peers and, reinforced with a renewed roster, he conquered both the spring and summer splits of the LEC. Fnatic arrived at Worlds coming as one of the favorites. Despite falling in the final to Invictus Gaming, Caps performed well throughout the entire tournament, being nicknamed “Baby Faker” for the individual skill he exhibited.

By the end of 2018 it was announced, to much anticipation, that G2 Esports had acquired Caps. The coming of the man (baby?) of the hour implied that Perkz, mid laner at G2 before him, had to shift role to that of an ADC, triggering the departure of Hjarnan.

In the two years that followed G2 won everything at the European level, earning four consecutive LEC titles, something that consolidated Caps as undoubtedly one of the best competitors ever in the European continent.

In the international stage Caps returned to the finals of the world championship. History repeated itself for the Danish as G2 lost 0-3 against FunPlus Phoenix.

In 2020, after dominating Europe, G2 fell in the semifinals against DAMWON Gaming, the eventual winners.

2021 began as yet another promising year for G2. With Caps at the forefront and with the arrival of Rekkles full dominance was expected by the team. Nevertheless, after a good regular season in which they qualified as first for the playoff G2 ended third behind MAD Lions and Rogue. Results would be disappointing for the rest of the year.

In 2022 Caps would get good results with G2. The team got a fourth place at the Spring split and won the playoff against Rogue. G2 would advance to the semifinals at the MSI. The team kept its strong showing by winning the LEC Summer split, though it would get a second place against Rogue yet again. Having secured a place at Worlds, G2 would fall during the group stage.


Fun facts about Caps

  • His name is a reference for the keyboard “Caps Lock” key.
  • He is one of few professional League players to earn a competitive victory having all enemy kills to his name. This unusual achievement he got at the summer 2018 summer LEC against Schalke 04, game which Fnatic won with only 6 kills, all of them done by him.
  • He did not bring his mobile phone to Worlds 2018 in South Korea so that he would not get distracted; thus he had to improvise and use a kitchen oven as an alarm clock for waking up. Fnatic got second place.
  • After a bad streak in the summer split of 2021 Caps decided to completely shave his head as he felt he had to change something about himself in order to stop losing.
  • At three of his performances at Worlds Caps has been eliminated by the eventual winner.
NameRasmus “Caps” Borregard Winther

Source: Caps´ twitter
BirthdateNovember 17, 1999
BirthplaceCopenhaguen, Denmark.
TeamsEnigma Esports (2015)
Inspire Esports (2016)
E-Corp Gaming (2016)
Mousesports (2016)
Nerv (2016)
Dark Passage (2016)
Fnatic (2016-2018)
G2 Esports (2018-present)

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