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Jankos in a League match
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Who is Jankos?

Marcin Jankowski, better known as Jankos, is a professional League of Legends player. He currently competes in the jungle position for G2 Esports.

Jankos is the most veteran member of G2 and one of Europe’s best in his role. With the exception of Worlds, Jankos has won every major title while at G2, for his trophy room includes one MSI and five LEC titles, four of which he earned consecutively.

Across more than 40 events Jankos has earned close to half a million USD in tournament earnings.

Position and play style

Being a jungler, Jankos is characterized by his ability to play several styles, his vast champion pool including tanks, mages, fighters and assasins.

Jankos generally chooses to play the most powerful metagame picks; he is not known for choosing off-meta champions, and it is for this reason that he has no problem in prioritizing those for which he normally does not display a particular affinity. Jankos is thus an extremely flexible player.

Despite the above, Jankos most played champions in the jungle tend to include Elise, Lee Sin, Gragas, RekSai, Olaf, Sejuani and Jarvan IV.

Jankos also possesses a very aggressive proactive play style. It is common for him to get ahead by ganking the lateral lanes, then becoming a key component in team fights. Most notably, throughout his professional career his kill participation has hovered around upwards of 70%.

Jankos is also known for his propensity to get first blood in his games.


Jankos began playing League of Legends during its first season, after playing a lot of Warcraft III and DoTA.

By season 3 the polish player had began to stand out in European solo queue, earning the attention of Team Mistral, which promptly signed him for an LEC promotion tournament where the team got third place.

All Team Mistral members were then moved to GF-Gaming, with whom Jankos would dominate in eight Go4LoL tournaments. His performance was what made H2k sign him. At H2K Jankos would proclaim himself the winner of DreamHack Bucharest 2013 after beating the Copenhagen Wolves 2-0 in the final.

At H2k Jankos also passed to the first qualifying round for LCS, and then his whole squad was moved to Kiedys Mialem Team. Under the new banner Jankos finally earnied his LCS spot, and it was then when Team ROCCAT bought Kiedys spot alongside its roster.

After much shuffling, it was finally with ROCCAT that Jankos made his long-awaited LCS debut. His first split was quite successful, with ROCCAT staying for a couple of weeks in the first league spot, but then falling down to the fourth. In the playoff ROCCAT got third.

Despite displaying promising performances, ROCCAT slowly became a middling team, neither great nor terrible even when nearing demotion in spring 2015. By the end of that year, Jankos abandoned ROCCAT and returned to H2k.

It was during his return that Jankos began to shine as a jungler. In his first split H2k got second place, winning fourteen league games and losing only four. But H2k sadly fell in playoffs, failing to reach the final. The summer split was also slightly disappointing for H2k; thankfully, though, the team had secured a place at Worlds.

Jankos’ first showing at Worlds was good, H2k reaching the semifinals, while being the only European team that had advanced past the group stage that year.

The next season was disappointing for H2k. Fnatic foiled any aspirations of reaching the finals for the summer playoff and again the hopes for advancing to Worlds. Meanwhile, G2 Esports was looking to rebuild its squad, and decided that Jankos would fill a good spot for jungle.

Now at G2, 2018 was a good year for Jankos; the team reached a second spot in the spring playoff and reached semifinals at Worlds.

2019, however, was an even better year for G2. Ocelote’s roster began its reign of domination, winning both LEC splits, the MSI and reaching the finals at Worlds, where G2 sadly lost 0-3 to FunPlus Phoenix.

Good results followed in 2020, winning everything at the European level, but falling yet again in semis to Damwon.

In 2021 G2 won again the spring playoff, but a bad showing at the summer one meant that both Jankos and the rest of the team got left out of Worlds.

In 2022 Jankos would get good results alongside G2. The team achieved a fourth place during the Spring split then proceeded to win its playoff against the apparent rival of the year, Rogue. The next month G2 would add a semifinals at the MSI. G2 kept its strong results by winning the Summer LEC though it would fall against Rogue in the playoff finals. Having secured a place at Worlds 2022, G2 would fail by losing during the group stage.

Ending his contract with G2, in December 2022 Jankos would abandon his team of more than five years and would join with the Spanish Team Heretics’ squad.

Fun facts about Jankos

  • As a testament to his perseverance and resilience, Jankos is the European player with most games under his belt until he earned a title: 336.
  • He has more than 1000 LEC kills and 2500 assists, becoming the first player to reach said milestone.
  • Recently, Jankos became the best player to win more than 300 LEC games
  • When playing Jankos is a very expressive person; it is common to watch him celebrate or dance after a good play.
  • He was proclaimed MVP at the LEC for two times in a row.
NameMarcin “Jankos” Jankowski

Source: Twitter
BirthdateJuly 23, 1995
TeamsTeam Mistral (2013)
GF-Gaming (2013)
H2k-Gaming (2013)
Kiedys Mialem Team (2013-2014)
⁠Team ROCCAT (2014-2015)
⁠H2k-Gaming (2015-2017)
G2 Esports (2017-present)
Team Heretics (2022-present)

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