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Who is Wunder?

Martin Nordahl Hansen, better known as Wunder or WunderWear, is one of Europe´s best top laners.

Of Danish origin, Wunder has been competing in League of Legends for more than half a decade. In late 2017 he joined G2 Esports, and ever since then he has proven a key player for the organization, comprising the once famous Wunder-Jankos duo that the team maintained for a long while.

Until joining Ocelote´s team Wunder´s biggest competitive achievements had been those of reaching a 2016 final against G2 itself and qualifying for that same year´s world championship. After his arrival at G2 Wunder got close to earning gold at Worlds 2019; he has also won one MSI and four LEC titles.

Position and play style

Wunder currently performs the duties of a top laner, where he specializes in the use of fighter champions like Gnar, Gangplank, Aatrox and Camille; with the latter character Wunder has achieved his best win ratio and KDA to date.

Wunder can also play utility tanks such as Ornn or Shen, more defined by their ability to help the overall team than their potential to dominate lane.

Wunder´s play style tends towards security. Although he does not abhor confrontation, it is not expected of him to abuse it unless he finds himself quite ahead of his rival.

With G2, for example, it was not until the arrival of Rekkles and an active metagame shift towards carry play that Wunder stopped being considered as the secondary win condition for the team if Caps, a great mid lane player, did not manage to take off.

As of late Wunder he has been acting more as an enabler, usually trying to squeeze advantage out of the first teleport (TP) to the bottom lane.


In 2014, at age fifteen, WunderWear joined the ranks of 4everzenzyg, European Challenger Series team.

By 2015 Wunder was already playing for SK Gaming Prime, academy team of SK, at the time one of the stronger EU LCS organizations. Wunder stood out amongst Challenger Series competitors, garnering the attention of the SK´s board, which considered him to fill the main team´s position; yet in order to do that it would first be necessary for Wunder to be seventeen.

The debut with SK would not come to fruition after Team Dignitas EU bought the junior Prime roster and its corresponding Challenger Series spot.

Wunder managed to qualify for the 2016 European LCS, with the minimum age requirements now being met. Dignitas EU was then forced to sell its spot due to a rule that prohibits teams to have multiple squads in the primary leagues and the existence of them across several continents. The position was sold to Follow eSports, which was soon thereafter renamed Splyce.

In his first LCS split Wunder did not achieve much and his team got eighth place, entering the danger zone for a demotion that was ultimately avoided after qualifying for the next split.

During summer Splyce surprised by getting second place in the regular season and advancing to finals at the playoff; the roster lost to G2. Said positive results got Splyce into Worlds after winning the gauntlet finals that determined the third team to get into the prestigious tournament.

Sadly, Worlds did not turn out to be the best showing Wunder and Splyce made; they all returned home with barely a victory to their name, falling in the group stage (though they managed to beat the titan that was RNG).

In 2017 Splyce was a middle-of-the-pack team and did not qualify for the world championship despite Wunder´s good performances.

G2 decided to give Wunder an opportunity. In 2018 this proved a sound decision after Wunder proved he could be one of the best in the continent; from the very first split under G2 he was critical to the team´s successful results. Together they won the spring split but later fell to Fnatic at playoffs. In the summer split G2 did not outperform; yet the team got into Worlds, where it advanced to semifinals and lost to the eventual winner, Invictus Gaming.

In 2019 the memorable reign of G2 began with Wunder playing at his very best; this was the year the Danish player earned his first two LEC titles and his biggest achievement to date: winning an MSI.

Almost everything worked out for the players, and G2 would arrive as the favorites to the World Championship, but it fell in the finals to FunPlus Phoenix.

In 2020 Wunder and his teammates again won both LECs and reached the semifinals at Worlds, bested on this occasion by DAMWON.

G2´s control over Europe ended during the spring split of 2021 after losing to Rogue in the playoffs, which were won by MAD Lions.

After three years playing for G2, Wunder announced on December tenth that he would be playing for Fnatic. 

2022 would be a decent year for both Wunder and Fnatic, managing a second place at the Spring LEC, a third place in the corresponding playoff, a fifth one at the Summer split and a third place at its playoff. After being behind Rogue and G2 for the whole year Fnatic would qualify for Worlds and, like G2, would fall during the group stage against T1 and EDward Gaming.

Fun facts about Wunder

  • When he is not playing League of Legends it looks like he enjoys playing World of Warcraft, even in tournament-sanctioned PCs, something for which G2 was charged a 1000 euro fine. G2 ironically thanked Riot Games as the fine served as an excuse for deleting the game from Wunder´s own computer.
  • Wunder is known for taunting and mocking his rivals before, during and after a game.
  • He reached 1000 kills at the LEC in 2021.
NameMartin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen

Source: Twitter
BirthdateNovember 9, 1998
Teams4everzenzyg (2014)
SK Gaming Prime (2015)
Dignitas EU (2015)
Follow eSports (2015)
Splyce (2015 – 2017)
G2 Esports (2017 – 2021)
Fnatic (2021 – present)

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